IAS Membership Benefits
IAS Membership Benefits

Financial Success is Within Reach...

Financial success is not only about having the money to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them; it's about maintaining and growing your money for the years to come. IAS Financial, a leading provider of financial educational services since 1985, has helped thousands of individuals arm themselves with the necessary knowledge to take control of their finances.

A membership with IAS Financial includes unlimited access to our consultants by phone, fax, and email, as well as dozens of informative guides, reports, tips, and interactive tools as part of our website; all based on tried and true principles of finance that meet the highest industry standards. Our resources allow you to perform a variety of tasks, from basics like creating a budget plan and saving money, to rolling down debt, estimating tax liabilities, determining your long-term financial goals, and much, much more.

As an active member, you can call any of our toll-free hotlines and get advice and answers tailored to your specific needs. Our consultants are salaried professionals (not salespeople) trained in every area of personal finance, and are qualified to answer any type of question or inquiry you have.

Common Questions from Our Members:
  • How can I get out from under a mountain of debt?
  • Should I take a 15-year or a 30-year mortgage?
  • How can I refinance my mortgage?
  • Who offers the lowest interest rate credit cards?
  • How can I sell my house tax-free?
  • What are "no-load" mutual funds?
  • What is the best retirement plan for my current cost of living?
  • How can I reduct my chances of an IRS audit?
  • How can I reduct my car insurance premiums?
  • Are there advantages to incorporating my small business?
  • How can I save money on the purchase of my next car?

You also receive our quarterly newsletter (Success InSight) filled with the latest updates from various areas of our expertise, including financial tips, economic analysis, tax news, recommended mutual funds, and answers to commonly asked financial questions. Additional bonuses include a Portfolio Review, 2-Year Tax Review, and Form 1040 Tax Preparation, along with exclusive items such as our Tax Deduction Detector, Financial Planner, and Estate Organizer.

Success InSight

IAS Member Benefits & Services

• Expert Financial Advice
Our consultants, highly trained in every area of personal finance, are here to answer all your questions and help you make important financial decisions.
• Unlimited E-mail/Fax Support
In addition to our toll-free hotline support, you can e-mail (or fax) us anytime and receive answers to all of your financial questions and inquiries.
Success InSight Newsletters
Featuring expert articles, including financial tips, economic analysis, tax news, recommended mutual funds and answers to common questions.
• Online Members Area
Access past Success InSight articles, along with our financial guides, planners, strategies, calculators, real estate forms and unique content.
• Extensive 2-year Tax Review
Our experts will review your last two tax returns to uncover possible missed deductions, and provide you with a plan of action for your next return.
• Form 1040 Tax Preparation
We will complete your Form 1040 at no cost, and can perform additional schedules and state income tax returns at rates below the national average.
• Personal Portfolio Review
A licensed Senior Portfolio Manager will analyze your portfolio, advise, and answer your questions regarding specific target retirement goals.
• The Best Retirement Plan
From Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s, to SEP, Keoghs, and SIMPLE plans, our consultants will help you sift through it all and decide what is best for you.
• Debt Reduction Help
Fill out our exclusive Debt & Credit tracking form and our consultants will provide one-on-one advice to help you get out of debt quickly and painlessly.
Credit Management Help
In conjunction with our debt reduction help, our consultants will also help you implement our strategies for repairing and strengthening your credit rating.
• Life Insurance Quotes
One-stop comparison shopping for competitive rates on low-cost term life and disability insurance by companies rated “A” to “A++” by A.M. Best.
• Auto/Property Ins. Quotes
One-stop comparison shopping for competitive rates on automobile, homeowner’s, business liability, medical insurance, and umbrella policies.
• College Funding Advice
We will help you choose from college funding tools including 529 plans, Education Savings Accounts, UGMAs, Hope, and Lifetime Learning Credits.
• Car-buying Made Cheaper
Save up to 60% on your next car! We will help ensure you don’t overpay. In addition, we uncover dealer “add-ons” and finance gimmicks to watch out for.
• IAS Financial Planner
Our step-by-step planner will help you prepare a financial plan of action. Includes important tips, strategies, worksheets, and checklists.
• IAS Estate Organizer
Our organizer is designed to ensure that you and your family is familiar with your most important records, including how and where to access them.
• Tax Deduction Detector
Our unique detector is designed to maximize your deductions and savings. Along with our FREE Form 1040 Prep, get a leg up on your next tax return!
• Real Estate Sample Forms
Print out over 40 different real estate forms in our online members area. List of forms includes deeds, warranties, notices, checklists and more.

Toll-free Member Hotlines

Financial Hotline Support in ALL areas of personal and small business finance, including retirement and estate planning, consumer spending, debt and credit management, business start-up, college funding, life events and more!
Tax Hotline Your own Tax Advisor! You receive free Form 1040 tax prep, plus a review of your last two income tax returns, to uncover possible missed refunds from your past and help you reduce your future tax bill.
Life Insurance Hotline One-Stop shopping for competitive rates on term life insurance by companies rated "A" to "A++" by A.M. Best. Also, our free insurance evaluation helps you identify duplicate or unnecessary coverage.
Auto & Property Insurance Hotline One-stop shopping for competitive rates on low-cost, maximum protection insurance coverage. Includes auto, property/casualty, homeowner's, umbrella, business, and hospitalization policies.
Real Estate Hotline Receive assistance and strategies in all areas of real estate owning and investing, including buying and selling properties, foreclosures, lease options, landlord tools, short sales, and much more!
Mortgage Hotline We give you the help you need to choose the right program for you. Get mortage pre-qual consultation, plus mortgage counseling to learn the options that will help you hold on to or save your home.
Investment Hotline Learn about principal protected investments, alternative investment strategies, equity-linked CDs, bonds, and mutual funds. Securities offered through NPC of America, a separate and unrelated company.
Stock & Mutual Fund Hotline Call to set up a no-annual fee IRA, open your first mutual fund account, or to receive a free review of your current portfolio. Also, get advice and answers to any of your stock and mutual fund questions.
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