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Free Strategy from IAS Financial:

Buy a Home to Pay for Your Child's College Housing

About three months before your child begins college, buy a four-bedroom home, condo or duplex within a few miles of the college campus. The property should be in good condition, requiring only cosmetic (not major) renovation. To minimize your upfront costs, get a mortgage for the maximum amount allowed. Furnish your property in "early Salvation Army" and rent it to four students. You will want a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, lamps and a small bookcase for each bedroom, and basic furniture for the rest of the house - let students supply their own linens and kitchen utensils. Do not be surprised if you can furnish the entire house inexpensively.

Hire your child as the property manager, which will add to your tax benefits. During the four-year term, your property should appreciate. Then, when your child graduates, pay the loan off with the profit from the sale of the property.

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