Maximize Your Deductions
Slash Taxes
Join IAS and our Tax Experts will:
  • Review your last two tax returns, to uncover possible missed deductions and help you get your money back
  • Complete your Form 1040 at no cost ($50 value)
  • Provide our one-of-a-kind Tax Deduction Detector
  • Show you how to start the Perfect Business for HUGE tax deductions
  • Plus, teach you easy strategies that truly work!

Free Strategy from IAS Financial:

When In Doubt, Deduct It

When completing your taxes, take everything the law allows. Follow the rules, but deduct all gray areas in your favor. Gray areas are not an attempt to get around the tax laws, but areas of ambiguity and uncertainty about what Congress or the IRS really means - you have just as much chance of winning your point as the IRS does. As you learn more about tax law, you will be surprised at how much of the code is ambiguous. Simple record keeping and tax strategies will always have you prepared to successfully argue your point.

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