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IAS Financial Education (formerly the Charles J. Givens Organization) is a leading provider of personal financial help and educational services. Our consultants offer unbiased advice, strategies, and tools to help you improve your financial outlook and to plan for a brighter future. We are salaried professionals -- not salespeople -- trained in every area of personal finance, and are qualified to assist you with all of your questions and inquiries.

Dealing with financial issues can be rough, and finding answers online that pertain to your unique needs isn't always easy. Consider us your team of personal financial consultants, here to answer any questions you have pertaining to any subject you need help with -- taxes, real estate, loans, debt, investments, retirement, mortgage, small business, car/property/health insurance, etc. -- you name it, IAS is here for you.

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IAS Membership Benefits

An IAS Membership grants you unlimited access to our consultants by phone, fax, and email, as well as to dozens of informative guides, reports, tips, and interactive tools as part of our website; all based on the tried and true principles of financial education. Our resources allow you to perform a variety of tasks, such as creating a budget plan, estimating tax liabilities, determining long-term financial goals, and much more.

You also receive our quarterly magazine (Success InSight) featuring articles and updates from various areas of our expertise, including financial tips, economic analysis, tax news, recommended mutual funds, and answers to commonly asked financial questions. Additional services include a Portfolio Review, 2-Year Tax Review, and Form 1040 Tax Preparation. We also offer a uniquely designed Tax Organizer, Financial Planner, and Estate Organizer.

Taxes Due? Go With the Pros!

The IAS Tax Institute can help you plan, prepare, and file your personal and/or business taxes quickly and accurately to minimize your costs or maximize your refund. When you go with the pros, you receive real help from real preparers -- and real help with real benefits. Based on our proven tax-reducing strategies, we will complete your Form 1040 at no cost (discount applies to members), and perform additional schedules and state income tax returns at rates below the national average.

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