IAS Membership (Yearly Dues)

A membership with IAS gives you unlimited access to our consultants by phone, fax, and email, as well as dozens of informative guides, reports, tips, and interactive tools as part of our website; all based on the tried and true principles of financial education. Our resources allow you to perform a variety of tasks: from basics like creating a budget plan and saving money, to rolling-down debt, estimating tax liabilities, determining long-term financial goals, and much more.

You also receive our quarterly newsletter (Success InSight) featuring articles and updates from various areas of our expertise, including financial tips, economic analysis, tax news, recommended mutual funds, and answers to commonly asked financial questions. Additional services include a yearly Portfolio Review, 2-Year Tax Review, and Form 1040 Tax Preparation. We also offer an exclusive Tax Organizer, Financial Planner, and Estate Organizer.

IAS Tax Institute

The IAS Tax Institute can help you plan, prepare, and file your individual and business taxes quickly and accurately, to minimize your costs and maximize your refunds. Based on our proven tax-reducing strategies, we will complete your Form 1040 at no cost (discount applies to members only), and perform additional schedules and state income tax returns at rates set below the national average.

We work hard to provide you the most accurate returns and largest refunds possible, and to uncover hidden deductions and tax breaks to lower your liabilities. Every year, Congress typically approves new tax requirements, deductions, and exemptions for personal and business use. We study these changes as they occur, and use them to create money-saving strategies that maximize these new laws to your advantage, while minimizing your tax bill.

Preparing your own tax return can be a daunting task that leaves you with more questions than answers. Why not get help from the experts? With our extensive knowledge of tax laws, commitment to our clients, and satisfaction guarantee, you can depend on the IAS Tax Institute for all of your tax needs.